Hoping application update, new design, new token add, and smooth transaction..

When transaction problem can soft? No date....?

What is wrong with you? Every day you are whining about the same problems. You have a ticket for it so what is the need to do this over and over.

While 2018 is coming to the end, it’s a good time to look back and agree that it was very fruitful for significant business events. Our team participated in one of the biggest technology conferences of the year - Web Summit in Lisbon.Let’s take a look at how Rafael Carrascosa pitched Crypterium to the world largest fintech groups and companies. https://youtu.be/0pNv9U9ZiPc
#BlockchainNewsGreetings to everyone. Hope you are enjoying your weekend and are not too tired from Christmas shopping. Let’s see how the last week will be remembered in the blockchain technology industry.🔶 European Banks Are Pushing the Adoption of Blockchain Technology - EntrepreneurWe saw a group of European banks completing the first test stage in a blockchain interbank reconciliations trial in October 2018. Led by Italy-based Associazione Bancaria Italiana, 14 banks, including BNP Paribas, contributed 2 months of data to a Corda-based blockchain network. The original press release mentions the establishment of the first phase as a "basis for subsequent synergistic implementations of DLT technologies," which includes a form of smart contracts that will regulate the transfer of data.🔶 Blockstream, Swiss IT Consulting Firm Sign MoU for Blockchain Integration Services - CoinTelegraphGlobal company Blockstream has partnered with а Swiss crypto consulting firm to launch a blockchain-driven settlement network.Inacta AG and Blockstream have reportedly signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide integration services for Liquid — a sidechain solution launched by Blockstream. Liquid reportedly combines key features of public and permissioned blockchains, allowing for the issuance and transfer of different tokens.🔶 Tunisian Internet Agency Signs Strategic Partnership With Blockchain Platform - CoinTelegraphThe Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) is going provide hosting services for the Russian blockchain platform called Universa, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Dec. 19.Founded in 1996, the ATI is a governmental body run by the Ministry of Communications with the objective to promote Internet usage in Tunisia.🔶 Blockchain Technology and the Quest to Transform the Travel Industry - CCNBlockchain technology has managed to stay relevant in 2018, with organizations and governments coming out with ways through which they can use it as a tool for growth and advancement. One particular sector that has witnessed a tremendous use of the technology has been the travel industry, where even airports have adopted the use of digital assets as a means of payment.🔶 IBM Africa and Hello Tractor pilot AI/blockchain agtech platform - TechCrunchResearch and agtech startup named Hello Tractor have developed an AI and blockchain-driven platform for African farmers. The two companies will pilot the product next year through an ongoing partnership co-financed by IBM.Dubbed Digital Wallet in beta, the cloud-based service aims to support Hello Tractor ’s business of connecting small-scale farmers to equipment and data analytics for better crop production.Crypterium team wishes you a very Merry Christmas! We hope that all of us will be getting only good news next year.
​​For those who have missed our latest livestream with CEO Steven Parker and COO Austin Kimm!Here is a short summary of all the topics covered yesterday - find out latest information about NFC partnerships, listing on top exchanges, next year goals and much more!Besides, you can always watch record of livestream on YouTube.

I'm having troubles with ID and/or passport registering since months... how can I do? Write to support? I'm registered I'm in but I can't save my docs

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What do you mean 😂 he has his money stuck of course he is worried and wants to feel like his issue is being worked on

And it is told him many times. He can ask same questions by replying to the ticket. What is the purpose doing it every day in this chat. Won’t help him further and only doing bad for the price