7 min for official announement guys ❗️

I got crpt during ico. I think the price is $0.75. Right now the price is still the same 😭

there is official eminem's answer "I can see it in your eyes, deep inside you want to cry Cause you're scared, I ain't there? Daddy's with you in your prayers No more crying, wipe them tears"

There was this Russian guy, he made the video! It was fenominal

I think I've seen it too. Cinematic! He could be our winner for our vlog contest. 😉 For now, we are announcing the winners for the Blog contest. 😊

If I lose my phone number you come here in France, come with my phone number that I lose ? If that I take a lot of crprt.... welcome Love. Welcome in the city of the cinema

i believe that was the case with NEM too just a couple of monts ago? they could track each and every token

Suleman A
Sir , my CRPT Token in Etherwallet but I lost the ID..

By "ID" you might be referring to the "public address"," private key", "mnemonic phrase", etc. Which of these did you lose?

Slovenia is opening a bitcoin city in its capital called Ljubljana. The region will house over 450 cryptocurrency-accepting shops and span 250,000 square metre. Facilities will incude bars, restaurants, a waterpark, cinemas and swimming pools

hey dali. i read yesterday or something that turkey is main crypto country. is this true? in Germany not much people know about cryptoworld as i can say from my people i know 🙈😁

hey buddy! yes I can agree with that. There are many crypto supporters in Turkey. Turkish governement is also very friendly to crypto(no regulations, taxes etc). There are some local licensed exchanges that you can buy/sell cryptos very easy and cheaper than average.

If its going to work with the top up prepaid sim cards next You can try with apps which provides payments like bus tickets, cinema, parking tickets, train tickets etc. :)

Tim In Ohio
not sure why back of passport must be shown. They are bland and easy to forge

There are KYC regulations reccomended by a mutitude of governement agencies. We are ensuring we are compliant by including it in our KYC

so for kyc My driver licence was not approved I will try again. it said provide passport in the error. Sorry I dont have a passport but it said that the driving licence should work. then, about the no screenshot thing. where I live everyone have numerical invoice, does that mean that I have to print it, then take a picture of it??? is there any other way that is more environement friendly??

Huge56 Judi
Incase u dnt know,it control coins now

Market pricing, especially in the crypto currency space, is a very complex issue. I do not personally believe that the decision of one governement agency will necessarily make or break the price of BTC

Almirant Fujhitora
Why is market failing????

This is a complicated question that has to do a multitude of reasons including Future's pricing and the global legal climate for crypto. I would say the most important thing to focus on in such a new and developing industry is the increasing rates of global adoption. Many traditional banking companies and governements are beggining to tout the powers of DLT and implement systems themselves. As more and more people begin to use crypto and apps like Crypterium give real use cases for the average consumer, we will see resulting price appreciation in the market as a whole

Oké, what is very soon in your opinion?

We will make it publically known through an official annoucnement as we have done with every other update.

Julien Gindre
Yes it’s not a good person for me😓

When he claimed his enemies tried to poison him, was anyone else super sceptical? Particularly as one of his pastimes is a little unhygienic and might end up causing something similar to happen! 💩

i cant acess myetherwallet eith mnemonic phrase nothing happend when i set the phrase =/

When moon?
At the moment merchants have no reason to accept crypto.

You need to come to Australia Anges waters is an entire town that accepts crypto every retailer at Brisbane Airport acceprs crypto and you can pay for your dinner with NEM in over 1000 locations. Mass adoption and real life use and purpose is getting closer everyday

go with your gf/wife to the cinema