Why price dipped on CMC

Why price dipped on CMC

The sell volume is too low because the coin is not yet on any exchanges. As for me I think it’s a mistake to release the coin without hitting exchanges because the resultant fall in price due to low demand scares away potential buyers creating a vicious cycle which may end in reenforcing price lows.

Any one tell me crpt transfer my ethar wallet how many days??

Hey guys what's the purpose of this group .

Complementing the main group or for a specific community

Don't sell CRPT you idiots!!

Complementing the main group or for a specific community

To complement for sure. Additionally, We want to have main group less cluttered so that t doesn't give wrong impression to new comers also here we can have technical analysis of charts and price discussions. :)

Hey Guys, Please add more members in this group for engaging discussions. Please don't add people randomly. I want this group where we can have healthy discussion. :)

Group Link: @crypterium_discussion

Why is the price of CRPT so low? I have been buying, it has been cut prices

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Why is the price of CRPT so low? I have been buying, it has been cut prices

Intially price fluctuations expected. Wait for sometime then price will get stablized.

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Is it because of Token's problem?

There is no problem, damn just wait fornitnto actually be listed on an exchange like bittrex or binance.

App is still beta testing

Is this the official group?

Are all new cryptos this messy when launched?

I’ve heard people referring to CRPT as crapterium.

I think people who say that have XRP or ETH or LTC........

not all are messy when they launch

crypterium was way too much messy than usual but thats not something existential i would hold hoping it improves

Any update why does crypterium has 100 million coins . I asked in main group but they banned me after asking.

Everyone has asked that question

Why weren't they banned?

South Korea News: South Korea’s finance minister said the government has no plans to shut down cryptocurrency trading, affirming market speculation that authorities won’t go as far as China. “Regulating exchanges is (the government)’s immediate task,” Kim said.

Any news of launching crpt tokens

Hi Had 757,5 inc refs Sold 40 @2,3 Now hodl

In case anyone might find it useful: As a thought experiment, I tried to simulate a scenario that shows how the price of CRPT can start going up as soon as it's launched. To simplify, let's assume there were only 10 CRPT in circulation. Person X is the first one to use the App, and he/she buys a 1000$ pizza, the transaction fee is the CRPT equivalent of 0.5% of 1000 Dollars, therefore 5 Dollars. Crypterium will take the CRPT equivalent of 5 Dollars from the user and burn it. Using the rough default current rate (0.0001 BTC = 1 CRPT), it will burn, very approxymately, 3.4 CRPT. Now there are less CRPTs in circlulation, in fact, there are only 6.6 left, but those 6.6 CRPTs, are now demanded not only from person X, but from other 10 persons who are using the app and need fuel for the platform to operate. Notice, CRPT demand was created, and since the supply is limited (actually slowly decreasing) its price goes up, therefore, burning the CRPT equivalent of 5 Dollars (0.5% of 1000 dollars) will mean burning less and less CRPTs, because each CRPT will be worth more and more dollars. Conclusion: The market price of a CRPT will be heavily dependant on the amount of transactions that will occur using the Crypterium platform + exchange hype. Users will never be disadvantaged by the price of CRPT increasing, because they will always pay just 0.5% transaction fee (for the on-the-spot crypto-to-fiat conversion). In my opinion it's a well-thought mechanism. It will take off well.