Exchange on hitBTC ? Good news or bad news ?

Hitbtc has lot of problems in deposit and widrawal

And practically no support.

Crpt is under ico price what will be Target for April 2018?

Has the team clarified what have they raised and how much money do they have.

Usually if it performed well at ico, it shd listed at least 10% upside

But the entire market has crashed.

I asked in the main group about clarity regarding how much they have raised and how are there 100 million tokben but they banned me.

I think they r just estimating price with btc not in usd

So I hope btc is down in value same to crpt

How much crypt againts btc

Token price 0.0001 btc

the one started the the bank itself

Hi any update on crpt token?

When will hit in big exchanges like binance

What will be listing price?

😁 then it would be 0 in 10 seconds cause everyone would sell immediately everything

This is ico taking too much time for everything

Late in withdrawal ...late to introduce in exchanges

It is good when it takes time with the exchanges. Maybe the crash is over then and it's not starting with a big down

But it showing crpt value as 0.65 dollars in

Hi, do anyone know the name of the official crypterium group ?

The link is directed to crypterium ICO chat (EN), which is closed now...

Didn't knew that sorry

Yeah, I don't know if Im stupid or something, but I cant find the official group.

Claudio Amorim
Crypterium chat (EN)

Are you sûre of the name ? There is Crypterium ICO chat (EN), crypterium chat (RU) but no crypterium chat (EN)

Ok thanks, I contact crypterium team then.

0.0001btc ~1.6-1.8$ at the time of ico