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Perfect then I will suggest buy BTC or ETH or LTC or BCH from Koinex and then transfer that to buy CRPT tokens.

I but I didn't know that's what we call ICO. I got ETH into my account then purchased tokens

Thank you for your help. I have been seeing these discussions and wondering if I missed something. So can one buy more? Are the prospects good?

Then I will suggest you to buy BTC or ETH from there an transfer to your Crypterium account. (In case you need my refferal link then I can share that with you for 1% extra bonus. 😊)

How many ETH confirmations are required until the ETH arive in the Crupterium ICO wallet?

/[email protected]

#1 Bitcoin - BTC $15204.8 USD (8.65%) 1.0 BTC Market cap: $255 Billion #2 Ripple - XRP $2.91217 USD (20.53%) 0.00019253 BTC Market cap: $113 Billion #3 Ethereum - ETH $893.182 USD (0.29%) 0.0590508 BTC Market cap: $86 Billion #4 Bitcoin Cash - BCH $2739.06 USD (2.52%) 0.181087 BTC Market cap: $46 Billion #5 Cardano - ADA $1.06018 USD (37.68%) 0.00007009 BTC Market cap: $27 Billion

/[email protected]

#1 Bitcoin - BTC $15127.1 USD (0.92%) 1.0 BTC Market cap: $254 Billion #2 Ripple - XRP $3.14925 USD (29.73%) 0.00020959 BTC Market cap: $122 Billion #3 Ethereum - ETH $969.281 USD (9.69%) 0.064509 BTC Market cap: $94 Billion #4 Bitcoin Cash - BCH $2601.31 USD (-4.31%) 0.173126 BTC Market cap: $44 Billion #5 Cardano - ADA $1.04103 USD (32.76%) 0.00006928 BTC Market cap: $27 Billion

Admin will u please help me I still didn't get the tokens in my ether wallet

What if I don't mention my eth wallet address? All my crpt will be there at the crypterium website right?

There is a delay of more than 7 days and in some cases even more. ETH block chain is currently on heavy load.

Hello Everyone, whoever is facing issue with CRPT coin withdrawal, please don't worry. Just check your ETH address is correct. It will eventually come and it's not going to stuck in between. Approximately 60% people received their coin in the wallet.

Yes I have copie ETH address from my ETH wallet account and paste on my CRPT profile and save it after I have click on my withdraw tokens button . But still I am not receive any tokens. And anybody suggest there is any option to see were is pending tokens list and how would I search my tokens And I was not find my txhash is were is available so I will find my tokens Please help ?

Is that right that i didnt have to save token adress and decimals etc on myetherwallet because it is already saved there?

Hi I m receiving my tokens in my ETH what should I do right know.

Im using MyEtherWallet.

Any one tell me crpt transfer my ethar wallet how many days??

I think people who say that have XRP or ETH or LTC........

crypterium was way too much messy than usual but thats not something existential i would hold hoping it improves

But it showing crpt value as 0.65 dollars in

Yeah, I don't know if Im stupid or something, but I cant find the official group.

Do you need to transfer them to ether wallet first...

For getting token you have to provide your ether address

From that you can verify at etherscan

‼ Stay away from Myetherwallet until we get some official communication. Their DNS seems to be compromised! ‼

I can only transfer bitcoin and ether on to my crypterium wallet