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There are 5 reasons why you should buy CRPT tokens. 1 Limited offer All tokens will be issued only during ICO. There will be no issue after ICO. It is coded in CRPT Smart Contract, therefore, it is 100% guaranteed by decentralized blockchain protocol. 2 Constant demand CRPT token is the fuel for Crypterium transaction processing. With every transaction, a small amount of CRPT tokens is “burned”. All innovative Crypterium solution needs CRPT tokens for usage and a number of tokens in circulation will be constantly decreasing. 3 Loyalty rewards By owning CRPT tokens and making transactions you will automatically become a member of Loyalty Program, by which you will get cashback up to 80% for every transaction you make. 4 Compliance with SEC regulation We worked closely with one of the best lawyers in Blockchain and SEC regulation sphere. We have a legal opinion that CRPT token is utility and not a security. It will guarantee fast listing on exchanges after ICO. 5 Technical brilliance The team, who developed CRPT Smart Contract has 5 years of experience in blockchain solutions. However, we brought some extra technical audit from Ambisafe, who confirmed the quality and security of our Smart Contract

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[Repost from @Tinooh] ⚡️ Hello fresh STORMtroopers, Welcome to the official Storm Token Telegram channel! StormX is changing the way Freelancers work. ⚡️ Earn anywhere, any time on any device. Learn more about the STORM at: Don't forget to follow us at our Social Media channels: Twitter: Facebook: Medium: and Reddit: Be nice to each other and communicate with respect. If you have a question, first check the FAQ page: If the answer isn't on our FAQ page you can always ask Tinooh, Nathan or someone from the StormX team! Also, don't forget to personalize ur avatar. ⚡️ Storm Token (@Storm_Token) | Twitter The latest Tweets from Storm Token ( StormMarket is a gamified micro-task marketplace. STORM Tokens are the cryptocurrency of choice for all micro-ta - Tháng 4 lên sàn - Đang có Flash Sale, giá rẻ hơn bình thường rất nhiều hiện tại 0,16 usd ( 12 euro) 1 coin, tuần sau là 0,55 và cuối đợt là 1,6. Sẽ lập sàn vào tháng 4 không sớm không muộn dù có bán hết sớm ( dev tuyên bố ) - Vào bấm Flash Sale đăng ký acc, điền pass là Hardcap Sau đó đặt lệnh mua, đặt tối đa 1 lệnh, thanh toán trong vòng 24h Bài so sánh tuyên bố những điểm sàn và coin sàn sẽ vượt binance Mỗi giờ bán hết 1 triệu coin, sau 24h của nó sẽ chuyển giá tự động lên 0,12 euro. KYC sau giống INS CHấp nhận BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH. Bài so sánh sàn Coinmetro và Binance tương lai CoinMetro vs. Binance Straight up, both of these platforms are good at what they do. CoinMetro vs. Binance Straight up, both of these platforms are good at what they do. CoinMetro vs. Binance Straight up, both of these platforms are good at what they do.